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Home>>News>>Full Guide Of Archeage Music Score How To Compose

Full Guide of ArcheAge Music Score - How to Compose

TagArcheAge Guide 12/30/2014

We know there are piano, flute and lute feathering play effect, so the scores become important. Here is a full guide for music score and how to compose that make you know easy and fast.

Full Guide of ArcheAge Music Score - How to Compose

First, you need know how to product the music paper, materials Dawn Lake Light Essence + Memory Ink*5 + Paper*10, you can be made in the major city or art processing table in player house. You can get 2 page and write 2 scores. OK, you can starting writing, open the score and pop the interface to write, the top is the music title, the below is the music code, write the different characters to music according to the proficiency. Note: the characters are not 200 tones.

0-10000, 200 character

10000-20000, 400 character
20000-30000, 600 character
30000-40000, 800 character
40000+, 1000 character

Proficiency can affect the song you write after performed if out of tune, generally it is very awkward that 0 proficiency will make you out of tune, specially note there will not affect your song if you use 1W scrolls, only affect the degree of out of tune. OK, what is the code you write to scores?
1. Largo: largo, 1 = 46;
2. Lento: Lento, 1 = 52;
3. Adagio: adagio, 1 = 56
4. Andante: Andante, 1 = 66
5. Andante: andantino, 1 = 69;
6. Moderato: moderato, 1 = 88;
7. Allegretto: allegretto, 1 = 108;
8. Allegro: allegro, 1 = 132;
9. Presto: presto, 1 = 184

T to control the speed, and many players like Canon that I would put my code in here as a guide to analyze it.

V127T200>A4L8F+GA4F+GA C+DEF+GF+4DEF+4
The above is a small part of the climax in canon that 0 proficiency player can write 200 character. About 5 sheet music if you write a complete, then it much trouble that switch while playing.
The standard speed of Canon is 200 you know. V is the volume of the song, default is 100, personal recommend use V127. So the beginning code of the song is OK - V127T200.

Then, we should officially confirmed the musical alphabet of song. Do, la, mi, fa, so, la, xi is 1 2 3 4 5 6 7, is C D E F G A B in the game, so you can always find them in the code.

Still this an example code, search to read music or notation, you can see the tadpole or numbers. First find the section one by one, then put the corresponding musical alphabet converted to code. Due to the score can not be just need do la mi fa corresponding musical alphabet, so need sound value, it means a tone need how long to play and what is the syllables, these add up to form a note that you can play it.

Next is to give each note name definitions, first pitch. There are 2 kinds of control method for pitch, one is the code O, the default is O5 if you are not set, to definition the tone of the entire song through like these O1, O2, O3, O4. But personal do not recommend this, because this requires accounting for 2 notes. Another one is through <, > to adjust syllables, > is increase and < is decline one scale, only for the right of symbols of the musical alphabet, such as >C+D C, >C meaning increased a do scale.

The beat is control the rhythm of music, such as some need acceleration, some need slow, how to do? You can use L achieved, L4 behalf of quarter notes, L8 representative 8th note. For example.

L4> EE8.E16EEE2E2
L4> C + D + 8C + 8
L8> C +
L16C + C
This is the wedding march, very familiar with the melody. This song needs fast and slow you controlled by the beat. L4, L8, L16, the value greater, the speed faster. Because the fester tempo set by Lx that you can control the speed of the internal rhythm. The same can also us Txxx to adjust the speed, but no saving character like L.

Pause, there are many rests in the music, the same in the game through the code R achieved. Rxx can achieve a variety of varying duration pause, while "." symbol (the dot of the keypad) represent the dotted rest, for example.

T80V127> A2 & A8.R16A8.G16GF2F8.E16ED2 C2
L8RCFEF4C4 & C16.
R32CFEF4C4 & C16.
R32CFEF4 & F16.
R32FFDDC2.CFEF4C4 & C16.
R32CA.G16G4F4 & F16.
R32AAEGFFE16F.FEFA + 4 & A + 16.
R> GGA + A + AA4 & A16.
R32AA> FEDEF4F D4 & D16.
R32D16D16DCCC2 & C DC
R16AA + E4EGG4F + 4G2A + 2
This song is the theme of the Fairy Tale has many pause, use R to achieved the pause, the followed by the value of R is the corresponding the rest in the scores.

Half rest: r2
Quarter rest: r4
Quaver rest: r8
Sixteenth rest: r16
Thirty second rest: r32
64th rest: r64
The value smaller, the time of rest length longer, separate R1 represents a beat is full of repose. The rest need corresponding scores, different scores with different rest. When you writing the chord, rests also very important, such as the climax of Little Apple is no music before appear a large number of chords, so use R to skip in the game, such as RRRRRRRRRT120V127 xxxxxxx, control the playing time of the song and cooperate easy.
We know the acceleration and pause is for the whole song, now let’s analysis of each note, continue to use the Fairy Tale illustration.

L4> EE8.E16EEE2E2
L4> C + D + 8C + 8
L8> C +
L16C + C
Believe that many player will be wondering why have the symbols +, - and Arab? + represents sharps symbol, - represents decline symbol. You know the < and > are the upstep symbols but there are many notes do not upstep in the score, they need lifting half like the black key of piano, while + and - represents this.

About the length of the notes, the digital appears in the score represents the length of the notes. Whole note is 1, half note is 2, quarter note is 4, eighth note is 8 and so on, the last dotted note is . . According to the score your found to translate the notes that can control the length of each tone, the higher of number, the shorter of the length of tone.