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Home>>News>>Experience Of Archeage Darkrunner Class PK For Beginners

Experience of ArcheAge Darkrunner Class PK For Beginners

TagArcheAge Class Guide 01/05/2015

Today I would share a ArcheAge Darkrunner (Battlerage + Shadowplay + Auramancy) combat skills that can make the player with 4000 points to sec-kill the plate armor with around 2.5W health and 5000 points, the requirement of attack is the best about 800+ and the IAS should reach to 1.0.

Stalker's Mark + Charge + Leech + Triple Slash (automatic attack 3 times), keep distance 5m + Overwhelm (automatic flat cut 2 times) + Triple Slash (do not need to pull away) + Overwhelm + Shadowsmite + Precision Strike

Stalker's Mark + Overwhelm + Shadowsmite + Rapid Strike + Charge + Triple Slash, 5 meters distance + Overwhelm + Triple Slash + Tiger Strike

This combo damage is a perfect control connection skills with 20% bonus of Stalker's Mark  for 15 seconds and 15% crit damage bonus of Battle Focus .

For beginners, the Flame armor set of leather is the first choice for darkrunner, high attack and crit damage, other armor is not fit current version, because the bonus of leather armor is too much, and the the attack bonus of flame set higher than other equipment with the same stage.
The flame armor set not only increase attack and crit damage, but also increase your Parry and Hit rate that can support all dual wield weapons stack critical damage stones. When you up to 110% or 12% crit damage, the Stalker’s Mark + Overwhelm + Shadowsmite can sec-kill the player with 15000 - 17000 health.

Personal think Darkrunner class is very good in 1V1, can fight any class if you play well this class. Do not doubt there are many classes will restrain you, as long as you have strong confidence to kill him. At least I can win the Shadowblade, Hexblade, Daggerspell, Arcanist, etc class in 4500-5500 points. OK, there is also a Darkrunner guide you can know about simple and crude with high damage Sec-kill build.